On the following pages, some of our customers describe their experiences with immopac.

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Karl Theiler

Akara Funds AG

CEO, Partner

"We are looking for a solution, not a project" - with this maxim Akara Funds AG evaluated asset and portfolio management systems and opted for the immopac® system.

For a young and dynamically growing company like Akara Funds AG, it is of great importance that the chosen system not only meets all the technical requirements of asset, portfolio and fund management, and that all functionalities are immediately available and can be used in a standard version without extensive customizing. It is also crucial that the system provided is freely scalable and can be adapted to the increasing demands of Akara Funds AG.

A further requirement that the system had to fulfil was that it could be operated completely in the cloud. With the innovative immopac® Web App, immopac offers a solution that meets all our expectations in terms of functionality, availability and performance. The hosting of data and applications in the Swiss data centre of immopac ag enables us to focus our concentration and resources on our core business without having to carry out complex IT infrastructure projects.

Another reason for choosing immopac is the connection and integration of the system with the evaluation platform of our external evaluator. This allows a quick and uncomplicated exchange of the required information as well as the evaluation results. System breaks are thus avoided and the risk of errors in the transmission of data and information is minimized. The evaluation results and information can then be used directly as the basis for creating DCF scenarios and business plans.

Marie Seiler

PwC Switzerland

Director and Leader Real Estate Advisory

PwC Switzerland has opted for immopac® as its platform for the digitisation of real estate valuations.

The decisive factors were the flexibility and scalability of the system. All necessary functionalities resulting from current and future requirements can be implemented in the valuation module.

The "Discounted Cash Flow" method established in Switzerland can thus be applied efficiently and quickly leads to transparent, comprehensible valuation results.

Anastasius Tschopp

Swiss Prime Site Solutions AG

Chief Executive Officer

As a leading property company in Switzerland, Swiss Prime Site Solution AG’s objective is to create more value for all stakeholder groups in an innovative and sustainable manner.

To achieve this and set standards in property investments today and in the future the company requires constant innovation and continuous further development from itself and its partners.

An active and future-oriented property portfolio and asset management, which goes beyond the reporting of past values, is a decisive factor for success for Swiss Prime Site Solutions AG in this regard. In order to guarantee the achievement of its objectives and the implementation of its strategies the company is dependent on instruments and systems that can fulfil the increasing requirements in this dynamic environment equally as innovatively and flexibly.

Swiss Prime Site Solutions AG has taken the strategic decision to focus on the standard software immopac® modules, the market-leading system for the management of direct and indirect property investments in this regard.

The determining factor for the selection of the system was the broad thematic coverage of all relevant business processes through the modules of the standard version and the great flexibility of the system, which makes it possible to fulfil complex, customer-specific performance requirements. Thus, for example, a process for data quality control in the immopac® system already established in Swiss Prime Site Solutions AG could be adapted. The known process can be continued so seamlessly with immopac®.

Instruments for predictive management of the vacancies make an important contribution to ensuring the flow of income. Together with the portfolio management reports and tools were developed, which were tailored exactly to the information requirements of our asset and portfolio management and support and vacancies management optimally.

Thanks to the data interfaces between the management system WinQ and immopac® modules developed in the course of the existing cooperation with the subsidiary of Swiss Prime Site Group AG, Wincasa, the smooth and uncomplicated integration of the basic data was possible without any problems from the outset.

Swiss Prime Site Solutions AG is convinced that it has found a partner in immopac ag whose software products, many years of experience and committed employees provide optimal support the company’s mission and strategy.

Cornel Widmer

Zurich Insurance Company Ltd

Head of Group Real Estate

With the introduction of immopac©, ZGRE (Zurich Group Real Estate) has created a uniform platform for the management and reporting of a global real estate portfolio worth around 18 billion Swiss francs. The implementation of a new software system in a globally operating group is always a special challenge. First of all, it is the multitude of different pre-systems whose data must be integrated into the uniform platform. The requirements in the different country organizations can be completely different. Various technical, legal or accounting regulations must also be taken into account when integrating the available data. In addition, structures must be standardized as a prerequisite for data integration in order to enable standardised reporting and portfolio management. The real estate asset and portfolio management system must also be able to map different investment vehicles and the structure of our funds and consolidate the relevant data and results.

The availability, stability and performance of the chosen system are also of great importance for its use in an international group. Employees worldwide must have access to the relevant and authorized data at all times.

Finally, the system must create added value by supporting and standardizing our relevant business processes and thus contributing to increased efficiency.

All this requires a system and an implementation team that is able to deal with these challenges in a highly flexible and technically competent manner and to combine with a focused view standardized solutions and processes with new, creative approaches to an effective overall solution.

In immopac, ZGRE has found a reliable partner who effectively supports our ambitious goals at all levels with the immopac© system and continues to inspire with technical innovation.