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  11. The users of the website as well as the customers are aware that, even with careful software development and maintenance, errors may slip in so that the immopac ag cannot vouch for the 100 percent availability of the website or service.
  12. The readers of the website as well as the immopac ag customers need to ensure the security of the systems, programs and data that are under their control. The customers should in their own interests keep their passwords and usernames secret with respect to third parties and, if necessary, change the passwords at regular intervals and create passwords that cannot be easily identified; see the GTC as well. immopac ag informs the customers about security measures that they need to take themselves.
  13. The customers are obligated to refrain from overloading the platform provided in the website with random or inappropriate data, particularly with spam mail. This is also specified for the customers in the GTC.
  14. immopac ag is not liable for faults and malfunctions, especially for the security defects and operational breakdowns of third-party enterprises with which they work or on which they depend.
  15. Furthermore, immopac ag is not liable for force majeure events, improper actions and disregard for the risks of the users or third parties, excessive strain, the unsuitable operating equipment of users or third parties, extreme environmental conditions, interference by users or disruptions due to third parties (viruses, worms, etc.) that occur despite the necessary up-to-date security precautions.
  16. By visiting the website of the provider, statistical information about the access, such as date, time or the viewed page is stored. This data is not personal data but is anonymous. It is analyzed exclusively for statistical purposes. The data in question is analyzed at immopac ag but is not disclosed further.
  17. immopac ag may process the data of website users or the customers if it is required to investigate and halt information that was supplied with a fraudulent intent, utilization in violation of the law or contractual provisions and abuse or damage of immopac ag or the website. For this purpose, immopac ag may also determine and process utilization data, including with the aid of cookies, to identify from the total stock of current information that information where there is actual evidence of abuse. immopac ag may forward this data to prosecution authorities as well as to third parties whose rights have been infringed.