real estate digital more than asset & portfolio management

immopac® red is the integrated cloud platform for the management of direct and indirect real estate investments as well as real estate valuation. It supports you with tasks in the specialist areas:

The relevant business processes of the various departments of institutional real estate investors and their service partners are supported.

This enables efficient working methods in the relevant sub-processes such as real estate portfolio and asset management, participation- and fund management, finance & administration, construction management, valuation and risk management of single properties and real estate portfolios, transaction management, data management and the management of corporate real estate (CREM).

  • Asset Management
  • Portfolio Management
  • Company Management
  • Fund Management
  • Finance & Administration
  • Construction Management
  • Transaction Management
  • Valuation & Risk Management
  • Data Management
  • Corporate R. Estate Management

“The direct integration with the collaboration platform results in a unique overall solution”

more than your dataroom collaboration cloud for the real estate industry is the cloud-based platform that provides you and your colleagues and partners with a digital workplace for content management, information exchange and collaboration with external partners.

Real Estate Management processes are complex and divers and usually do not halt at corporate boundaries. In many cases, regulatory requirements as well as the necessary technical and specialist knowledge require the collaboration of various players and external service providers to be involved across corporate boundaries. The timely and complete provision of all information as well as the cooperation with external partners and the delivery of reports to investors and further stakeholders  cause a great deal of coordination and administrative effort. offers comprehensive functionalities to minimize this effort and to save your resources for the completion of the core tasks.

  • Digital Workplace / Portal
  • Cloud Storage
  • Dataroom / Document Management
  • Platform for my ICE APPs and Red Pins
  • External Valuation Platform
  • Transaction Support Platform
  • External Reporting Platform
  • Data Exchange Platform
  • Service Platform
  • General BPO Outsourcing Platform

“Digital workplace for content management, information exchange and collaboration with external partners”